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Downgrade PHP 5.4 to 5.3 in Debian 7

Aug 14

Debian Wheezy comes with PHP 5.4. If this is too new for your application and it doesn’t work properly, here is a short description on downgrading to PHP 5.3.

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wp add admin mysql

Jul 11

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China Post Air Mail -package lost

Apr 04

Dear friend.

Your order is sent out today, as our price is very very low, the items are no profit. and package is heavy, the shipping fee is expensive. so I sent it without tracking number. it can save some shipping fee. please kindly note that you can not track it with that tracking number , read all »

Ban of site

Apr 04

Ban of site – from angl. of to ban – to forbid. Expression, meaning prohibition of site for codeindexing and ranging of site the moderator of the searching system. Usually used to the site, to applying the methods of searching spam. It is necessary to distinguish ban of site from the different type of pessimizacii site. As a rule, ban of site results in the complete exception of site from the index of the searching system and prohibition of him for further indexation. For taking off an embargo correspondence is required with the moderator of the searching system.

How to get all spam comets from WordPress blog ?

Mar 23

Run this code from phpmyadmin
[php] SELECT *
FROM wp_comments
WHERE comment_approved LIKE ‘spam’

How to Clear Debian cache on webserver ?

Mar 06

rm -r /var/log/apache2
rm -r /var/cache/eaccelerator
rm -r /root/Maildir
rm -r /home/internetfastnews/Maildir
rm -r /home/zxnews/Maildir
rm -r /home/seoch/Maildir
rm -r /home/otvetish/Maildir
rm -r /home/teaseo/Maildir
rm -r /home/school/Maildir

joomla debug info -howto

Mar 04

To turn on debug mode do the following:

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SEO description for wordpress categories

Feb 28

please open header php in template
and replace title

<?php if (is_category()) { echo strip_tags(category_description());   }
wp_title(‘&laquo;’, true, ‘right’); ?> <?php bloginfo(‘name’);

How do I place text to div?

Feb 28

JavaScript allowing to do this by this easy steps:

How can I make money online?

Feb 23

The basics of how to make money online (these books range form 50-200 pages so I’ll give you the quick version), centres around advertising. You can pay for Google Ads and have those ads link to a place that will make you more money that you’ll spend on ads, ideally, or you can sign up for affiliates. An affiliate is a company that’s selling something that you’ve joined up with. You promise to sell their product in whatever way you can, there are no minimums and the commission is most often above fifty percent. When you buy those Google ads I mentioned you can have them point to the site you’re “partnered” with and you can make money with every purchase made that was linked through your add. That’s the easiest way near s I can figure, you can also create a website and put Google ads on it as well, then you get paid for every click.

I’ve also noticed some websites that have a donation option, these sites are obviously hoping that you like their site so much you’ll give them some money. We here at Askipedia don’t require money, the education this site brings us is enough to keep us content, it doesn’t pay the bills but I find that bills stop coming it you ignore them long enough. By the way if you see me answering questions in an Internet Cafe, don’t bother me.

Here’s a link to the best ebook that I’ve been able to find to date, it’s complete and they provide some help should you need it, which is key. A telltale sign that anything is a rip off is if they don’t provide any help or contact information. If you’re looking for a way to make easy money online, these guys are probably your best bet.

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